Sustainability partners

We live for mankind and Mother Nature. This is evident in every piece of our badea furniture. Because it carries Germany‘s best-known environmental label, the Blue Angel. To achieve this, we only use wood-based materials from sustainable forestry and low-emission lacquers. The majority of our suppliers come from our region and operate with environmental standards comparable to those of our own.

[Translate to Englisch:] Nachhaltigkeit

Our administration department uses digitised processes to save paper, and our logistics operation constantly makes every effort to plan our fleet of vehicles and delivery routes as climate-friendly as possible – including a fleet of lorries that meets the Euro 6 standard, a growing number of hybrid vehicles and our own in-house vehicle recharging points.

[Translate to Englisch:] Carb 2

Our chipboard and MDF boards are particularly low-emission. We meet the US requirements of CARB2 and TSCA Title 6, which are even stricter than the requirements in Europe.

[Translate to Englisch:] PEFC

Our company is PEFC certified. This guarantees that the raw materials for our bathrooms only come from sustainably managed forests.

badea has been awarded the Blue Angel label. Because the wood-based materials come from sustainable forestry, are produced and processed with low emissions and are harmless to health.
From 1.1.2021

The Cologne-based Transportverpackungen & Co. KG channels our shipping packagings into Germany‘s ‚Dual System‘ of waste management, with the materials recovered being recycled in a responsible manner.

The management and the entire team at badea have set themselves the goal of preserving an intact environment for future generations. It is in this way that we make a reliable contribution to protecting our climate.

Alliance for Development and Climate

We are supporters of the Alliance and take responsibility!

[Translate to Englisch:] Allianz Für Entwicklung und Klima

Together, we promote implementing Agenda 2030, the global sustainability agenda, and achieving the goals set out in the Paris Agreement – enabling us to foster development while also helping to protect the climate!

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