FAQ – Frequently asked questions

We are here to help you. This page provides answers to questions frequently asked on various topics.
If you have any further questions, simply call us free of charge on +49 (0) 57 32/ 98 177-418.
Our team will be happy to assist you with advice and support.

Questions on sale and delivery

Is any direct sale possible?
Direct sales are made exclusively through specialist retailers. So, as an end user, please contact your local retailer with regard to your questions and orders. Incidentally, this also applies to ordering parts.

How long does badea take to deliver?
Delivery time always depends on when the order is received. It is best to contact your retailer direct about the delivery date: the retailer will usually know when you can expect delivery of the products you have ordered.

Where can I find a price?
Only your retailer can answer any questions you have about pricing. So don't hesitate to contact your retailer.

Where can I find help on planning or designing my bathroom?
The design of a bathroom must be planned to suit you as an individual and it needs to be carefully considered. To make your dream feel-good bathroom come true, you should make an appointment with your bathroom retailer – and explain your wishes and needs in person. As a competent local contact and service partner, your retailer will know what's really important in planning a bathroom.

Where can I order a sample?
You don't yet know which sample you would like for designing your bathroom? Not a problem! Our specialist retailer can offer you an extensive portfolio of different shapes and colours to suit every taste. For more information, please contact your retail contact person direct.

Can badea also provide customised solutions?
Special challenges demand special solutions: whichever range you decide on – it is, of course, possible to manufacture the bathroom furniture in accordance with your personal wishes and the spatial situation. Simply discuss the details of planning your bathroom as well as pricing with your specialist retailer.

Are you a certified company?
We are committed to quality and sustainability – and place the most exacting demands on our services and products. Our aim is to help protect the environment by using resources in a sustainable way. The certificates we are regularly awarded in the field of environmental protection and quality assurance show that we meet these high standards.

Questions about our bathrooms

Which installation heights are recommended for bathroom furniture?
All deliveries come with detailed assembly and fitting instructions which also include information on the recommended installation height. By the way, all assembly and fitting instructions can also be found here on the website.

What are the loading capacities of pull-outs and drawers?
Our products stand out for their high level of durability and loading capacity. The maximum loading capacity of drawers is 30 kg. Whereas pull-outs up to 600 mm provide a maximum loading capacity of 30 kg, pull-outs up to 1,200 mm come with a maximum loading capacity of 65 kg.

What is the loading capacity of wall units?
The wall units also impress with their high level of stability – and a loading capacity of 60 kg per square metre of storage space.

Where can I find the colour code for RAL colour shade?
Our colours are not geared towards RAL colours or similar colour standards. If you have any questions, please contact a paint retailer to compare a colour with a swatch.

Which care products am I allowed to use for my mirror or mirror cabinet?
To ensure that your mirror or mirror cabinet brings you lasting pleasure, we recommend referring to the applicable care instructions. These care instructions are included with every mirror or mirror cabinet, but can also be requested from your specialist retailer. 

How do I look after my badea cast mineral washstand?
Looked after and cleaning in the correct way, your cast mineral washbasin will always look like new. To remove soiling easily without any trace, it is preferable and best to use mild liquid cleaners and not scouring agents. You will find detailed information in the care instructions that come with the washstand. These can also be obtained from your specialist retailer.

Are there any general care instructions that apply to all badea products?
Every delivery from badea comes complete with detailed care instructions that immediately tell you how to look after your products in the proper manner. And if you shouldn't happen to have the care instructions to hand, you will also find them here on the website.

Question on warranty & complaints

Where can I make a complaint or submit a warranty claim?
For all information regarding any complaint and warranty claim you make, please refer to the contract entered with your specialist retailer. As contracting party, your specialist retailer is also the right person to contact for complaints of any kind.