Mirrors + lighting

Mirrors, mirror cabinets and clever lighting concepts are among the important details in planning a bathroom. To this end, our collection provides a comprehensive range featuring modern mirror cabinets with mirrors on both door sides, round and square wall mirrors with all-round LED lighting and touch switches on the mirror surface – or practical helpers, such as an integrated, switchable multi-socket outlet. Open shelf compartments below the mirror cabinet also impress as a real eye-catcher and provide additional storage space. Take advantage of the numerous options to create your very own dream bathroom.

Mirror with LED illuminated frame and touch switch
Mirrors with vertical lighting
Mirrors with vertical lighting

Square mirrors

Our square mirrors come in a sleek look and can be provided with a wide variety of lighting installations.

Illuminate mirror with touch switch
Mirrors with vertical lighting
Mirrors with horizontal lighting
Round mirror with metal frame

Round mirrors

Our round mirrors add panache to the bathroom interior and, with the right lighting, create a unique mood.

Round illuminated mirror
Mirror cabinet with top-mounted LED light
Mirror cabinet with lighting and integrated vanity mirror
Mirror cabinet with top-mounted/built-under LED light

Mirror cabinets

Storage space and mirror solution in one: mirror cabinets from badea combine the best of two worlds and can be enhanced with practical accessories.

Mirror cabinet with top-mounted LED light and open shelf compartment
Mirror cabinet with top-mounted LED light
Mirror cabinet with mirrors on both door sides and multi-socket outlet

Individually tailored lighting concept

Lighting sets the scene, provides illumination where it‘s important and offers orientation at any time of the day. Our LightMotion luminaires can be switched on and off to suit any individual preference, dimmed if chosen and continuously varied from warm to cool white. The glare-free light comes with a motion sensor and is often placed under washstands.

The choice is yours

We can give you made-to-measure lighting convenience of any type you choose.

Illuminated frame active
Indirect lighting active
Illuminated frame / Indirect lighting active